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Australia has a thriving economy and an incredibly low unemployment rate. It also provides the highest minimum wages even if the ones receiving them are casual workers. The country also has an exceedingly low crime rate and provides a highly safe environment for people to peacefully coexist in. There are special pension benefits available for immigrants and there is also a fine healthcare system and social security system in place. Valuing qualified and skilled workers, Australia has special schemes available to reward their work.
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    Eligibility Requirements To Apply For Skilled Migration:

    The candidate’s age should not exceed 50.
    The applicant should be sufficiently fluent in the usage of the English language(proved by results of IELTS examination).
    The applicant has to nominate one of the particular occupations that are available to them.
    The skills and qualifications of the applicant should be reviewed by an assessing authority who is suitably experienced to do so for the applicant’s chosen occupation.
    The applicant has to have their occupational skills assessed by the particular Australian Assessing Authority selected for the applicant’s occupation of choice.
    The applicant must undergo a medical assessment that shows that they are in good health.
    The applicant must not possess any criminal records that signify bad behaviour

    Documents needed for Australian Job Seeker Visa:

    Passport that holds validity for at least 6 months.
    2-3 recent photographs of the applicant.
    Applicant’s job offer letter.
    Proof of applicant’s dependents(if applicable).
    Proof of health and travel insurance.
    Document proving that the applicant is of good conduct(no criminal record).
    Form 80(Personal Character Assessment) detailing the personal details of the applicant.
    Educational certificates and CV.
    Proof of English Language Competency(IELTS results).
    Job Seeker Visa Application Process

    To apply for a job seeker visa in Germany, the following steps have to be followed
    Types of Visas for Skilled Migrant Workers:

    Skilled Independent

    This is aimed at migrants who can immediately make a strong contribution to the Australian economy.

    Skilled Sponsored

    This is aimed at migrants whose family members are residing in Australia.

    Skilled Regional Sponsored

    The duration of the permit depends on the individual’s work duration as mentioned in their contract.

    Skilled Regional

    This can be used as a way for Skilled Regional Sponsored migrants to get their permanent visas.

    Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

    This is done by employers who wish to fill their vacant job roles with skilled migrant workers.

    Graduate Skilled

    This is aimed at students that have recently completed a study program in Australia, that also possess family members in Australia.

    Job Seeker Application Process:

    Determine the category of work visa to be applied for

    The applicant has to decide which work visa they can apply for according to their eligibility.

    Satisfy Skill Select requirements

    A certain number of points have to be obtained in order to apply for a visa through this method(lodging an Expression of Interest under SkillSelect and waiting for an invitation to apply for the visa) and the points will be calculated on the basis of age, English language skills, skilled employment experience, educational qualifications, specialist education qualification and a few other factors.

    Ensure employer creates an online nomination & sponsorship form before the visa application and fill online visa form

    The applicant’s employer has to create and duly fill this form before the applicant can proceed with the visa application. The applicant can then fill in their online visa application form according to the category of visa that they are applying for.

    Submit documentation and pay fees

    All of the required documentation should be submitted appropriately and the processing fee for the visa application should also be paid. The applicant should then wait to hear back about whether they have obtained the visa or not.

    Submit Your Original Documents

    You have to submit the original document and other information due to get the visa in time.

    Fill In The Required Form

    You must need to fill the required form to apply for foreign visa and to get that desired visa

    Get The Visa Resource Material

    After completing all the tasks you will get your resource material for a visa in some days.